понедельник, 27 октября 2014 г.

1) Before now, to watch a film you had to go to the cinema and all the people were waiting for this moment as an event and this wasn't the usual kids entertainment like an our time. Now old people don't attend the cinema because they don't like crimes, science fiction and all this new staff but now children and teens go to the cinema to watch all the new movies. Now, we have Internet, which has reduced the level of popularity of cinema  because they can find what they need on the Internet. Between the Internet and Television all people become too lazy to gather in the cinema, they would prefer to lie on the couch.

2)I think that with every generation all people change their minds. They want different movies so they don't like old movies which their parents like. They want new special effects, new conflicts and new stories. When there was a silent black and white film people were not even aware that humanity would be to invent color films but now it's common. All film production improved from year to year and they want to be better then the other production so they want to get a new technology to make movies better. All director know what the audience needs so they make films with different stories. Audience don't think about what was behind the scenes. They just need a bewitching story.

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