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Film Genres - Borrowing & Stealing

Plagiarism is a very common thing in our time. Everyone does not notice that after an evening of information, they begin to use many of the sayings of the people who created it. And they don't give this value, but it is plagiarism. Nowadays, it is impossible to live without plagiarism. All humans are selfish and they can use someone else's information for their own intentions.
I learned a lot of information from the two readings and film that we had to see. I formed the question: so if all are greedy and we can't use someone else's ideas, then how can we survive in this world? Everything is built on plagiarism. For example, when someone creates something and a different person wants to use and creates the same idea, he just renamed this idea. Then you can say that all DJs are plagiarists because they take a song and remix it. So all things in the world are simply meaningless, because the main idea of each thing is the same.

Someone's attitude towards plagiarism depends on the individual. For example, someone who patents his work in the first moment and wants to tell everyone that this is only his work and idea.
Someone came up with the new idea and patent it. That person will be comfortable if someone takes the example.
Personally, my opinion is that if you use someone else's idea, it's okay. I think that all people should be happy if their idea is used and that this idea works, and it is very clever that he created such a useful thing for humanity. In his place, I would be happy if my idea was used in the knowledge of mankind. Because we all don't live forever. If you keep your idea in compressed hands and don't want to tell anyone your idea, it would be boring to yourself that you can't talk with someone about this idea. If you share you could give a piece of yourself to humanity. Plagiarism is just chaos that existed, exists and will exist. Plagiarism is a word that carries a very high energy. I believe people need to take it easy because plagiarism can not be stopped.

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