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Before technologies and social media, fans could wrote just letters and sent to celebrities or they had just autograph or if they was so lucky fans if they had a photo with celebrity. Twitter is known as one of the most popular social media in our days. Social media is like removed layer between celebrities and their fans. 

Now, most of the people are using Twitter where they can communicate with celebrities and sometimes celebrities interact with individuals fans. In our days, it’s became more easier because you don’t need to wait for a long time for the response. You can follow for your idol and it will be so unexpectedly if your favorite celebrity will follow you back.

I think that the best thing that can happen is when your idol is follow you back. I know that some of my friends tweeted for One Direction/Justin Bieber and some celebrities from the soap opera but never got retweet or followed back but I searched 
 10 Celebreties most likely to follow you back:
 10.Ellen DeGeneres/ 
 9. Justin Bieber/
 8.Lady Gaga/
 7.Luke Bryan/
 6.Stephen Fry/
 5.Gordon Ramsay/
 4.Britney Spears/
 3.Tom Cruise/
 2.Cody Simpson/
 1.Yoko Ono

More about ‘’celebrity will follow you back’’ Laura Caro, a 15-yeard-old ‘’Belieber’’. Remembers the exact day Justin Bieber followed her on twitter. Jan.20,2013. "I remember perfectly what I was doing. I was getting ready to go out, when suddenly I got a notification that Justin had tweeted, so I immediately went on Twitter and started tweeting like crazy … asking him for a follow.»

Caro continued tweeting at Bieber, but she wasn't getting a follow. Then, it happened: "Suddenly, I got a notification, and there it was: 'Justin Bieber followed you,'" she said. "I ran to my sister crying and speechless. I told my mom and she started crying with me because she truly saw how happy it made me. I will never forget that day.»

"Rihanna has tweeted me [and] I couldn't believe it at first," said Kadesha La'Squeesha

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